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BREMBO BREMBO XTRA LINE Brake Disc Perforated / Vented, Coated

Article number: 09.9077.1X
  • Product line: BREMBO XTRA LINE
  • Diameter [mm]: 293
  • Brake Disc Type: Perforated / Vented
  • Centering Diameter [mm]: 58
  • Number of Holes: 5
  • Brake Disc Thickness [mm]: 24
  • Surface: Coated
  • Minimum thickness [mm]: 22,5
  • Height [mm]: 56,7
  • Tightening Torque [Nm]: 100
  • BREMBO: Brake Disc
  • Item number: 09.9077.1X
  • Our price: 65,33 £
  • Manufacturer part number: 09.9077.1X
  • Manufacturer: BREMBO
  • EAN number: 8020584212608
  • Fitting Position : This characteristic varies depending on the car model.
  • Condition  New

  • Use number: BREMBO 09.9077.1X
  • EAN: BREMBO 8020584212608
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Compatibility with passenger cars
  • SUBARU Forester II (SG) (Year of Construction 11.2002 - 10.2012, 156 - 252 PS, Petrol)
  • SUBARU Impreza I Estate (GF) (Year of Construction 03.1994 - 12.2000, 211 - 218 PS, Petrol)
  • SUBARU Impreza II Estate (GG) (Year of Construction 12.2000 - 12.2005, 218 PS, Petrol)
  • SUBARU Impreza I Saloon (GC) (Year of Construction 03.1994 - 12.2000, 211 - 218 PS, Petrol)
  • SUBARU Impreza II Saloon (GD) (Year of Construction 12.2000 - 12.2005, 218 PS, Petrol)
  • SUBARU Outback II (BE, BH) (Year of Construction 10.2000 - 08.2003, 156 - 209 PS, Petrol)
  • SUBARU Outback III (BL, BP) (Year of Construction 11.2003 - 09.2009, 150 - 245 PS, Diesel, Petrol)
BREMBO 26300AE060, 26300AE061, 26300FE010, 26310AC040, 26310AC041 Brake Disc
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Major advantages of 09.9077.1X BREMBO brake discs
Surface: Coated, Tightening Torque [Nm]: 100, Number of Holes: 5
Brake Disc BREMBO 8020584212608

Brembo floating brake discs are distinguished by 10-15% reduced weight.This promotes reducing of the vehicle unpsrung weight, which improves its handling and dynamic properties as well as reduces fuel consumption.

Brake Disc BREMBO 09.9077.1X

They have improved durability.It contributes to instant heat dissipation from the disc surface.

BREMBO 09.9077.1X Brake Disc

They are drilled and slotted.They efficiently clean the pads from contamination ensuring the brake system stable performance.

Brake Disc BREMBO 0990771X

They have a special mounting system patented by Brembo. It allows a small axial and radial gap and prevents the rotor and hub deformation under the impact of extremely high temperature.

BREMBO 09.9077.1X - Brake Disc

Zinc coating reliably protects the discs against corrosion.

BREMBO 09.9077.1X Brake Disc

They are produced from high-carbon cast iron.It enhances the wear resistance of parts.

BREMBO car parts
Brake Disc BREMBO

Brembo brake discs are manufactured by the Italian company with the same name, the largest global manufacturer of high performance brake systems. They are used as original equipment in the cars of such renowned brands as Alpina, Citroën, Dodge, Ferrari, Ford, Mini, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Maserati and others.

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