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Luggage compartment organizers allow to compactly place all the things you may need in the car: a tool kit, a lifting jack, service fluids, fire extinguisher, medical kit and other things. They provide a quick access to the objects, reliably secure them, and protect from soiling.

What are the types of luggage compartment organizers

By a frame type:

  • Rigid. They are produced of shock-resistant plastic or polycarbonate, rarely – of metal or wood. They look like containers and consist of many compartments each of which, as a rule, is provided with its own lid. They provide secure protection from damages.
  • Soft. They are made of elastic waterproof materials, for example, polyester, leather, felt, nylon. They are fastened with the help of a zip fastener or velcro. They can house more things than the rigid ones.
  • Semi-rigid. Often they are made as foldable devices, the outer side of which is produced of textile, and dividers – of plastics or polycarbonate. The dividers may be sewed into the frame or be removable. Such devices take a little space when folded.

When ordering online you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Type of fastening. Luggage compartment organizers can be fastened on the floor with the help of special velcros. Also there are models that can be fastened to the rear side of the back seats or to special stands which are mounted additionally.
  • Size. Some products can take just a part of the luggage compartment, others – all its area.
  • Design. The devices differ in quantity and parameters of pockets and compartments. Some models are supplied without dividers. They are used for transportation of bulky luggage. Also catalogues contain products with transparent windows, shoulder straps, etc.

Tips on luggage compartment organizers use

  1. Use the accessories strictly as intended. Fasten them in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. When arranging things, consider which of them you use more frequently, and place them so that they could be freely accessed. Things that are needed rarely can be placed on the bottom of the bag.
  3. Don’t leave unnecessary things in containers. Taking such objects out of the container will help you to use its space more efficiently.
  4. Regularly clean the car accessories according to the manufacturer's instruction. Most of them can be washed with a sponge and soap solution. Some textile models can be machine-washed.

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