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Blind spot mirrors significantly increase viewing angle and allow to keep an eye on blind spots unlike standard optics. Such accessories increase safety level and help to execute many driving manoeuvres.

Types of blind spot mirrors

Manufacturers’ catalogues contain accessories of different forms:

  • round;
  • half-round;
  • oval;
  • square, etc.

By the type of fastener used for attachment:

  • Mounted with vacuum cups or double-sided adhesive tape. They are attached directly to the reflecting part of a standard car mirror. Low price is the advantage of such car accessories.
  • Attached with brackets or other fasteners. They are mounted above or below the standard mirror. Often the slope of such products can be adjusted in accordance with car technological characteristics, driver’s height, etc.

You can buy online frameless accessories and with frame. Many manufacturers offer kits with two accessories: one for each side. Most of products are universal and can be mounted not only on passenger cars but also on bikes.

Usage tips for blind spot mirrors

  1. Before mounting the accessory with vacuum cup or adhesive tape prepare the reflecting surface of the standard optics: clean, dry and degrease it with a special agent. Some manufacturers advise not to visit the car wash for several hours after mounting.
  2. It is recommended to place accessories in the upper far corner: it will increase the viewing angle.
  3. After mounting make sure the accessory is well attached and doesn’t prevent adjusting the position of the main mirror.
  4. Use special cleaning agents for glass without abrasive components to clean them.

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