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Booster seats are a popular type of accessories for safe children transportation. They have no back, are installed into a child seat or onto the car seat. Their purpose is to provide a higher seating position to make it possible to restrain a child with a seat belt. The booster seats have a rather small size and are characterized by simplicity of installation. Weight, height and age of the child which are appropriate for using a booster instead of a complete child seat are specified in the road regulations of every exact country.

What are the types of booster seats

By the material of the base:

  • Products made of foamed plastics have a low price and small weight but they are not characterized by high durability.
  • Devices with the plastic frame are more durable and safe. At the same time they are light and do not require any troublesome care.
  • Booster seats with a metal frame are quite heavy but are considered the most reliable and durable.

Products in catalogues also differ in size. Select them in accordance with child’s size and parameters of your car’s passenger compartment. For example, a narrow accessory is perfect for the car of small width, but you should thoroughly check that it won’t be too tight for a little passenger.

Moreover, the accessories differ from one another in armrests height. The higher they are, the higher is the position of the seat belt on the passenger’s body.

Tips on booster seats use

  1. Read the instruction on booster seat installation and use.
  2. Install devices on rear seats of the vehicle. Installing them onto front seats is prohibited.
  3. Clean the accessory, following the manufacturer’s recommendations. A removable cover, as a rule, can be washed manually or in the washing machine in the delicate mode. Metal and plastic parts can be simply wiped with a wet sponge from time to time.

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