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You should buy car window shades if you want to protect your car interior elements from fading away under the influence of sun rays. Many models also help to prevent ingress of insects and dust into the vehicle. Moreover, they shade the cabin, making it cozier.

What are the types of car window shades

  • Sliding textile products. They are made, for instance, of polyester and they are curtains for fastening of which in the window aperture metal or plastic guides are used. The fabric can be easily moved aside, in order to lower the window or pass some object through it. They provide shading only if the curtain is expanded.  Various colours are available, that is why you will easily find the automotive accessory, which will match your car interior. Moreover, there are accessories, the outer and inner sides of which are made in two different colours.
  • Roller accessories. As a rule, they are roll up when the button is pressed. They are often sold inexpensively. They are installed directly on the glass surface with the help of suction cups or above it, using self-tapping screws.
  • Sun protection screens. They are made, for instance, of nylon or polyvinyl chloride. These are universal, easy-to-install accessories. Sticky elements or suction cups are used for fastening on the window. The price of these accessories is rather low. Usually, they are smaller than the window, that is why they do not provide enough shade.
  • Carcass models. A special metal frame is covered with special dense fabric, which prevents ingress of insects into the cabin. Hooks or magnetic fasteners are used for installation. Such accessories usually fit all cars and are easy to mount. In some cases, the windows can sweat. Moreover, these products are not characterized by a low price.

Features of car window shades use

  1. During installation, follow the instruction and use the fasteners which are sold in a kit with the products.
  2. Clean the accessories in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. As a rule, the products made of polyvinyl chloride should be regularly wiped with wet cloth. Washing or dry cleaning are recommended for the textile accessories.
  3. Try not to demount carcass products too often, so they won’t lose their shape.

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