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High humidity level inside the car negatively affects its technical condition, promoting appearance of corrosion. Due to excessive moisture windows can mist up, thus, limiting driver’s observability. Moreover, this process creates favourable conditions for growth of pathogenic bacteria, and as a result, causes unpleasant smell inside the car. Special car dehumidifiers can help to solve this problem. They are easy-to-use accessories that take up little space.

Types of car dehumidifiers

In manufacturers’ catalogues you can find:

  • Fabric sacks with silica gel or bamboo charcoal. Silica gel products can absorb 3 times more moisture, than their own weight. They can be dried quickly. The main advantage of charcoal products is that they put part of absorbed moisture back, in case the level of humidity is too low. As a rule, accessories with absorbent pellets are located on the dashboard or under the seats.
  • Devices powered from car cigarette lighter. These are compact items, that are suitable for cars of any brand and model, and can operate even during parking. Some devices are equipped with a timer to turn them off at a set time.

Tips on car dehumidifiers use

  1. Most fabric car dehumidifiers can be reused. After drying up, they restore their properties. This process should be performed in strict accordance to manufacturer’s recommendations: some products can be dried in the sun only, others - in a microwave oven, the third - on a heating system radiator.
  2. It is recommended to place 2-3 products with absorbent pellets into the car for a better result.
  3. Devices powered by car electrical system should be dismantled regularly in order to clean their elements from dust and mold. Thus, their service life will be longer.
  4. Many items are equipped with indicators which change their colour after absorbing the maximum amount of moisture. This means that they should be dried up. Some devices can make a sound when filling the container.

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