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Car floor mats: what you need to know

Car floor mat protects car floor from dirt and moisture, significantly facilitating the cleaning process. Moreover, it may become a focal point in car interior.

Types of car floor mats

By production material:

  • Rubber. These classic products protect from dirt and moisture well. They are inexpensive and show high durability and longevity.
  • Polyurethane. These handy and light-weight accessories look similar with rubber ones. They stand out by high flexibility and frost-resistance, and thus, by higher price.
  • Textile. These are wear-resistant accessories made of synthetic fabrics with a rubberized base. Their main advantage is a wide colour range; the disadvantage is relatively complicated care.
  • Paper. These are single-use products which absorb moisture quickly. They protect floor from soiling during short-time car exploitation.

There are universal and adapted for particular car model floor mats. The first are suitable for various cars, but may not cover the whole floor surface. The mats of the second type are made for cars of particular model and make, they precisely fit to contours of interior, covering without any gaps. Some accessories may have push rivets, clips, hooks, grommets, anti-skid spikes and other parts which contribute for reliable fixing to the floor.

Also the accessories differ from one another by sides height. Usually, it varies from 1 to 4 cm. This parameter should be taken into account when choosing. As high sides protect the floor from water and dirt better, but in some models they may hinder driver’s ability to press the pedals.

Tips on car floor mats use

  1. The rubber or polyurethane products can be simply cleaned with warm water, and special compounds can be used in case of significant soiling.
  2. It is convenient to clean the textile mats with brushes or household vacuum cleaners. It is not recommended to beat the textile products, as there is a risk to damage them. In case of obstinate stains, you can use chemical products made for such materials.
  3. The accessories should be hanged vertically for drying, without bending, so that water drips from them. It is not recommended to squeeze them, as it negatively affects the material base.

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