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If you want to always have fresh products and chilled drinks at hand during the trip, you should buy car refrigerator. Particularly, it is indispensable during a long trip and outdoor vacation.

Types of car refrigerators

Devices differ in their volume. For example, in catalogues you can find boxes designed for 8, 19, 60 litres. The door can be located on the upper part or on one side of the box. Apart from standard accessories for products, there are compact car drink coolers. Due to their construction, a bottle or a metal can is put into a special cup holder.

By operation mode car refrigerators can be:

  • Compression. Cooling is performed quickly. As a rule, temperature control is possible. Their disadvantage is rather high price.
  • Thermoelectric. Many of them can both cool or heat products inside. Often they have rather small volume, but work quietly and are inexpensive.
  • Gas. They are perfect for camping and long trips. They can be powered not only from cigarette lighter but also from gas cylinder, without connecting to the car electrical system.

Manufacturers offer portable boxes and built-in devices. The latter, as a rule, are located in the armrests or niche between seats.

Operation mode

Cooling in thermoelectric devices is provided due to direct current that passes through semiconductor wafers. One part of the wafer is located in the chamber, the other - outside of it. Heat from the device is transmitted to the outside due to which the temperature of inner elements gets lower, and that of the outer ones - increases.

Other types of devices function due to the refrigerant. It can be freon, ammonia. Ammonia solution in the gas car refrigerator,also called absorption refrigerator, gets warmer and flows through the tubes to the evaporator. Thus, ammonia is evolved from the mixture while wafers and inner space of the chamber get cooler.

As for devices with a compressor, freon gets into the evaporator through the orifice hole. Due to the fast loss of pressure, fluid evaporates. Thus, the refrigerant takes heat away from the evaporator elements, providing cooling of the device inner space. The compressor absorbs vapour, presses it and transmits to the condenser. There the refrigerant transfers heat into the environment and reverts into a liquid state.

Tips on car refrigerator use

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations concerning the usage and care for the equipment.
  2. When cleaning, avoid using rough sponges, abrasive cleaning agents and solvents. In most cases it is enough to use a wet cloth and a small amount of soap solution.
  3. If you chose the thermoelectric device, then try to put there precooled food products only. Otherwise, reaching the necessary temperature will take more time.
  4. Make sure that box contents do not prevent its door from closing. Protect the device from direct sunlight.

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