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Special sponges for car wash provide careful removing of contaminants from surfaces. As well as the household tools they are inexpensive, but have larger pores, which efficiently stop small particles of dirt, sand and other abrasives. Due to this peculiarity, the risk to scratch the car lacquer-and-paint coat is reduced.

What are the types of car wash sponges

By material:

  • Fully-foam. They efficiently moisten the treated surface, leaving no hair on it, perfectly suitable for cleaning with washing detergents.
  • With microfiber coating. They have high hygroscopy rate and absorb even oily substances. They are perfectly suitable for surfaces polishing as they leave no stains. Often they do not require use of chemical substances.

Catalogues of manufacturers include products of various shapes. Thus, they can be rectangle, regular or truncated on both sides oval, can have rectangular or T-shaped cross-section.

Also the accessories differ by stiffness. Soft accessories are suitable for body elements and glasses: they leave no micro scratches. Usually, the rigid products used for tyres cleaning, as they do not crumble during such work.

Features of car wash sponges use

  1. Before using the accessory, damp dried contaminations with water and treat with chemical products for cleaning of the corresponding vehicle elements.
  2. Always heavily damp the sponge during its use. Thus, abrasive particles are washed out from the accessory, which minimizes the risk of surfaces damage.
  3. Use the accessory together with special washing products only. They leave no stains on the lacquer-and-paint coat and do not lead to colour blushing.

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