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Cooler bag is indispensable when going to a picnic or during a long car trip. The device keeps the products fresh and provides the opportunity to transport medications which require special storage conditions. Moreover, you will always be able to have cool drinks at hand. These easy-to-use devices are characterized by low price compared to standard refrigeration equipment.

Types of cooler bags

Manufacturers’ catalogues offer products that differ in the operation mode:

  • Thermal insulating. These are sealed devices, the inner part of which usually has a foiled reflective coating. On the average, contents of such containers remain cool during 12 hours. Besides, it is often supplied with ice packs which can improve its performance. Thermal insulating devices are inexpensive, but can not be used for long food storage.
  • Generating cold. Such devices are powered from the car electrical system and are connected to the cigarette lighter. They can cool food products and drinks, that is why they are perfect for long trips.

For transportation the devices can have:

  • handles;
  • an adjustable belt for carrying over the shoulder;
  • wheels for easily moving of even a large device.

You can buy online accessories of different volume: 9, 15, 30 litres, etc. Also manufacturers offer products equipped with additional elements. For example, it can be side pockets for napkins and other small things.

Tips on cooler bags use

  1. Before using, study the manufacturer’s recommendations carefully. Don’t overload the bag in order to avoid damage.
  2. Don’t store food in the fridge longer than it is specified by the manufacturer.
  3. After using, clean the container with a wet cloth or sponge watered in a soap solution. Do not use aggressive chemical agents.
  4. Take into account that in most cases thermal insulating devices can be used for storing of warmed up food. Temperature of food will remain the same during some time.

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