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Luggage net makes cargo transportation more comfortable. The device allows to reliably secure luggage in a certain position, thus, minimizing the risk of its damaging. Moreover, you can organize the space well with the help of such accessory.

What are the types of luggage nets

By the method of positioning:

  • Vertical. They can be fastened to the rear or side walls of the luggage compartment, or to the back side of the rear seats. They are convenient for fluids transportation. Moreover, such car accessories can be used as a barrier for isolating some space. Some models are divided into several compartments of different sizes.
  • Horizontal. They allow to press the luggage to the floor, thus, preventing it from being loose. As a rule, these items are stretchable, which gives an opportunity to fix even large things.
  • Universal. These are small, easy-to-install products which can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

The devices can be made of:

  • nylon;
  • capron;
  • polypropylene or other material.

Some luggage nets have framing made of textile tapes or are equipped with elastic laces for fastening. The accessories differ from one another in thickness of the threads. It can be, for instance, 3, 5, 8 mm. The higher this value is, the heavier objects can be transported. Net cells can be hexagonal, rhombic, or square.

The accessories can be fastened:

  • to standard brackets or holes provided in the car - with the help of hooks or carabiners.
  • with self-driving screws or other universal fastening elements (they require drilling of the car body).
  • to the luggage compartment trimming - with velcros.

Products of different sizes are presented in catalogues. For example, length and width of horizontal ones can be up to 70x70, or 70x90 mm. The accessories to be mounted vertically can be short (intended to be fastened at side walls) or long (to be placed at the far wall or near rear door).

Tips on luggage nets use

  1. Use the devices strictly as intended. Don’t use them for pets transportation.
  2. Fasten the devices according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Fastening spots should be located in such a way as to ensure uniform tension of the net, without distortion.
  3. Distribute the load correctly when storing or transporting things. For example, if you use floor-mounted nets, place all large items in the centre, and small ones – at the sides.
  4. From time to time, clean the accessories in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction. Note that some models are hand-washed only.

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