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Small objects placed on the car dashboard may fall at rapid speed change or cornering. Non-slip pads help to avoid this. Even fragile and expensive things can be put on them without worries, for instance, a DVR or smartphone. In this case you won’t need to store frequently used accessories in glove box – all necessary will be always at hand.

Types of non-slip pads

While ordering in an online-shop pay attention to the fact that products differ by following characteristics:

  • Production material. It can be acryl, silicone, polyvinyl chloride. The produce made of these materials sticks well and does not require special care.
  • Form. Usually the safest in terms of mounting are round and square mats. At the same time the accessories with unusual shapes may become interior decoration.
  • Size. Small products take minimum place; usually, they are suitable for only one small object, for instance, glasses. Large accessories hold few objects at the same time, for example, a pen, credit cards, a notepad.
  • Design. The accessories can be sole-coloured or multi-coloured. Often images are printed on them, such as a car make logo or superhero picture.

Also, automotive accessories catalogues include the produce equipped with:

  • sides for more reliable holding of objects;
  • smartphone support;
  • built-in charging device.

Ordering online, take into account that not all products are suitable for mounting at angular position. Some of them can be mounted only on a horizontal surface. Moreover, not only single products are available, but also kits which include several accessories.

Tips on non-slip pads use

  1. Do not mount the accessory where the airbags are installed. Attach it the way that it not hinder you from handling your vehicle.
  2. Try not to place the non-slip pad on wooden elements: sometimes it is complicated to remove remains of adhesive from such surface.
  3. Before mounting the product on the front panel make sure it is clean and dry. Do not apply glue.
  4. Consider that in most cases to remove soiling it is enough to simply wash the accessory in warm water and dry it. Clean it with a soap solution if it sticks worse to the surface. Never use aggressive chemical compounds.
  5. Avoid continuous exposure to direct sun rays.

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