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There are times when you need to take more luggage for the journey than the boot can contain. You can put a part of it in the cabin, but it often causes inconvenience for passengers. Roof boxes help to solve this problem.  Bulky items fit perfectly in them.

Types of roof boxes

These products differ in various characteristics including following:

  • Maximum load. In particular, it can be 40, 70, 80, 100 kg.
  • Capacity. There are models for small family car with up to 300 litres volume, for large family cars - up to 500 litres. And for off-road vehicle or van you can select the container which can store up to 660 litres.
  • Dimensions. In particular, there are car accessories less than 1.5 m or more than 2 m long. Their width can be 70, 78, 85 cm. Short and wide models are fit for carrying a tent or spare wheel. And long and narrow roof boxes are good for transportation of fishing rods and various sports equipment.
  • Production material. For example, there are soft textile products the main advantage of which is affordable price. Durable plastic accessories protect contentained items from harmful environmental factors. Moreover, they don’t compromise aerodynamic characteristics of the car.
  • The way of opening. Some accessories feature two sides opening, others - only one.

Usage tips for roof boxes

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction. Don’t exceed specified maximum load and driving speed.
  2. Try to distribute the cargo in a way that the biggest part of it be located in the centre of the box.
  3. Attach small items with straps if they are provided.
  4. Carry sports equipment in special cases.
  5. Don’t use these accessories for the transportation of highly flammable and explosive substances.
  6. Check if fixation is secure before departure and at stops. A fall of badly attached load while driving can cause a road accident.
  7. Remove the accessory before visiting car wash. As a rule, its cleaning requires only water with some amount of washing agent without alcohol and chloride. It is recommended to wipe the accessory with the clean soft cloth.

AUTODOC: convenient online-purchases

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