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In the event of a sudden car stop that might be caused by a breakdown or a road accident, especially outside the city, it is the safety vests that are necessary to put on. They make the driver and passengers visible to other road users at night or in other limited visibility conditions. In many countries, storing of such accessories in a car is defined by law. The products are inexpensive and also can be used when bicycling.

What are the types of safety vests

By production material:

  • Made of polyester. They retain colour brightness for a long time, even at frequent use; do not fade even if constantly exposed to direct sun rays; do not require much time for drying.
  • Nylon. These accessories are lightweight and durable, able to withstand mechanical damages perfectly.

By colour:

  • yellow;
  • orange;
  • red.

Catalogues alsoinclude accessories that have various warning signs on their rear part. It is how accessories differ in sizes that you should consider while choosing them. Thus, not only you can buy the accessory for an adult, but for a child also. For instance, there are items for children, whose age varies between 4–7 and 8–13 years.

How to use safety vests  

  1. Accessories should be kept clean. Usually they withstand machine washing without spin-drying. It is not recommended to iron the accessories. Sometimes, producers  mark for which quantity of washes the accessory is designed. Its lifespan depends on storing and use conditions.
  2. The accessory should be at hand all the time, so that if any emergency situation occurs, it could be put on. Quite often, the accessory’s storage inside the car is defined by law.
  3. The car accessory should be put on over clothes. Not only the driver needs to use it, but other passengers as well.

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