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Tyre repair kits include all you need for quick repair of these elements on the road without breaking a bead. Such accessories are used for fast removal of punctures so that it is possible to get to a service station. These accessories are easy-to-use and take minimum space in the car cabin or luggage compartment.

What are the types of tyre repair kits

Kits for working on different types of tyres are offered in manufacturers’ catalogues:

  • For tube tyres. They usually include round or oval multi-layered patches of different sizes and a cold cure adhesive. With the help of such kits, one can restore airtightness of a tube in a few minutes.
  • For tubeless tyres. As a rule, they include plug strips, insertion tool, reamer tool and a cold cure adhesive. A knife, scraper for surface preparation, degreaser, and a storage bag for the repair kit can be also offered as additional elements.

Repair kits for tubeless tyres are divided into three main types:

  • With nylon fibre plugs treated with butyl rubber. Such tyre repair kits feature a low price but help to repair damage only for a short term.
  • With rubber strings in an adhesive cover. These are reliable car accessories providing a tight seal. Some of them can be strengthened with reinforcing fibres. Among rubber repair units there are special anchor-shaped models allowing to seal the tread.
  • With nylon cords covered with a cushion gum. These are durable devices which cost more expensive than rubber ones but are more effective.

Operation principle

Kits with patches restore the airtightness of punctured wheels because they fit snugly to their surface. Products with plug strips work similarly to a cork in a bottle. A plug strip is treated with glue and then inserted with a special tool into the puncture which was preliminarily widened with a reamer tool. The element is left in the hole covering it completely.

Features of tyre repair kit usage

  1. Clean the damaged spot from soiling and degrease it with a special agent before you begin the repair. You should remove the foreign object if it is still in the hole. You can use tongs for this.
  2. Before starting the repair you should make sure that the pressure in the tyre doesn’t exceed 0.5 atmospheres.
  3. Most of the kits with strip plugs are made for removing holes not bigger than 5 mm in diameter. One can remove larger punctures with patches. For this, it should cover the damaged area completely, with its edges no closer than 15 mm to the extreme points of the hole.
  4. These accessories should be used only for repairing damaged tyre tread. Sidewall defects are removed only in a tyre workshop.

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