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Car warning triangles are placed on the road in the event of an accident, car breakdown and other similar emergency situations. It is vital to provide an early alert for other road users to be aware of what is up ahead in the roadway, so they can maneuver around an obstacle. Warning triangles are bright in color with reflective and fluorescent elements.  

Types of car warning triangles

By production material:

  • Plastic. These models are lightweight. Moreover, they are not apt to corrosion.
  • Metal. Durable and timeproof accessories that feature increased stability due to their significant weight.
  • Combined. Accessories which come with a plastic case and a metal support. These accessories weigh less, in comparison to fully metal items, however they are rather stable.

Some models have edges protected with rubber or plastic coating. Consequently, not only it will help you to extend the accessories’ lifespan, but also to avoid accidental cuts when using them.

Catalogues include solid and dismountable accessories. The latter can be compactly kept in special cases. Such items don’t take up much space, thus are easily transported.  

Manufacturers offer models featuring a various height and a different number of leg supports for on-road installation. Models with two and four supports are the most common. In online shops you can also find accessories equipped with a stable stand and one low leg support.

How to use car warning triangles

  1. When getting out of the car, before you set a triangle, you need to put on a reflective vest for safety reasons. The warning sign should be placed at that distance from the car, which is specified in the traffic regulations manual.
  2. If there is such an opportunity, you need to place the second warning device or warning light to pinpoint the location of an accident more precisely.
  3. There are no particular rules how the accessory should be stored. However, you would do better to keep it in the cabin. The fact remains, that if any road accident occurs, you might have a limited access to the trunk.

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