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Wheel chocks prevent spontaneous car moving. They are used, for example, if one has to stop a car on a hill.

What are the types of wheel chocks?

Various materials are used for their production. The following car accessories are popular:

  • Metal. These items are high-strength and resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Plastic. Resistance to corrosion is their main advantage. However, such chocks don’t tolerate extremely high or low environmental temperatures.
  • Rubber. They are also resistant to corrosion. At the same time, they resist mechanical deformation better compared to the plastic products.

Some manufacturers offer folding wheel chocks. They take little storage place but are less durable than solid ones.

Wheel chocks: usage notes

  1. Be sure to check your country’s traffic laws. They may contain regulations regarding the use of these accessories. For instance, the motorist may be obliged to use wheel chocks when parking on slopes with a certain inclination angle noted there.
  2. If you need to use a jack, set the accessory under the wheel which is located diagonally to the one you are about to lift.
  3. Activate the parking brake before setting the chocks. Do not leave the car until you are sure of its immobility.
  4. Inspect the accessory visually for defects. Using a cracked or somehow damaged device is prohibited – it can be dangerous.
  5. Remove the accessories before you start driving. Otherwise, the accessories and tyres can be damaged. Act carefully in order to avoid injury

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