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Wheel covers are mostly used for improving vehicles appearance. Also, many accessories provide protection from dust, dirt, sand and other abrasive particles, which has a positive effect on the service life of brake parts. Moreover, these accessories lower the risk of disc deformation from lateral collision by absorbing the impact themselves.

Types of wheel covers

By applicability:

  • For particular car model. They often follow design of the original discs and are decorated with the car brand logo. They are reliable and attractive but their prices are rather high.
  • Universal. They fit different vehicles and are selected by radius. They cost cheaper than the first type and are often presented by a wide range in catalogues.

By construction characteristics:

  • Open-type. They have large air inlets, which helps them to provide good air circulation. But they poorly conceal defects of the wheel assembly and don’t protect from dirt and dust. Moreover, it is difficult to clean them.
  • Close-type. These are car accessories with small air inlets or without them. They protect well brake system parts, conceal corrosion stains or mechanical damage. But they limit the air inflow that cools the system, which can cause early wear-out of brake parts.

Wheel covers differ from one another by the form as well. They can have flat or curved outer surface. Flat accessories fit tightly, it is difficult to damage them because they almost don’t protrude aside. Curved covers are less practicable but look more presentable.

Different materials are used for production of accessories:

  • Plastics. It is lightweight, inexpensive, not corrodible. The accessories made of flexible plastics can restore their form even after mechanical impact.
  • Metal. The metal accessories are highly durable and weigh quite a lot. They are not protected from corrosion in conditions of high humidity.
  • Special types of rubber. These are flexible, lightweight, supple materials which are used in a wide temperature range.

The accessories can be fastened on spring-loaded latches or hub screws. The first fastening type provides easy mounting and demounting, the second is more difficult in attachment and removing but is more reliable.

Usage tips for wheel covers

  1. Use only those accessories which fit dimensions and other characteristics. Technological holes and fasteners should match standard parts.
  2. Before mounting wheel covers make sure they are not deformed and don’t have other significant damage. Check spring stiffness of models with latch: the higher it is, the more reliable attachment will be.
  3. Clean the accessories with sponge and soap solution from outer and inner sides. Also, as a rule, automatic car wash is possible.

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