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Car tyres are replaced twice a year: before winter and summer seasons start. Wheel bags are used for convenient transportation and storing of tyres. They protect these components from negative impact of sun rays and ingress of dirt or moisture. Apart from this, the accessories keep passenger and luggage compartment clean during transportation of the demounted components. The accessories are suitable both for the tyre and wheel assembly. Usually, they are equipped with handles.

Types of wheel bags

The accessories differ due to their purpose. Particularly, the following accessories for storing are presented in manufacturers’ catalogues:

  • For parts, removed for replacement. Usually they are made of fabric and have vent holes.
  • For a spare wheel. As a rule, they are made of plastics or faux leather and are mounted to the rear door of a crossover or off-road vehicle.

Ordering online, take into account that bags differ in size: particularly, width and radius. The latter corresponds to the same parameter of the component; it is specified as follows: R13–14, R15–16, R17–18. There are also bags that can store up a set of four tyres. They are rather cheap, but constant contact of the components inside the bag can result in abrasion of the rims.

By the construction type the accessories can be:

  • Closed. They cover the tyres and wheel rims from environmental impact fully. They are often equipped with a zip fastener.
  • Open. They cover only car tyres. As a rule, they are fixed with the help of straps.

Manufacturers use various production material. Often it is nylon, polyester, faux leather. The fabric accessories have excellent water-proof properties, are folded compactly and sold at a rather low price. The leather accessories are more durable and look attractive.

Tips on wheel bags use

  1. Use the accessories of the appropriate size only.
  2. Clean the accessories in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. For example, in most cases dry-cleaning is forbidden. For leather production it is enough to wipe it with a wet sponge; for fabric one – to wash it in a washing machine using gentle mode. Do not use laundry detergents with bleach, do not iron the accessories.
  3. Take into account that the accessories made of faux leather do not withstand sub-zero temperatures.

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