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Car windscreen cover: what you need to know

Windscreen covers will protect your car window from snow build-up and frosting in winter and from hot sun rays and dust in summer. Unlike large car covers, such accessories come in small sizes and can be installed in a few seconds. They are suitable for everyday use.

Types of windscreen covers

Manufacturers offer products that differ in height and length. For example, compact-car owners usually buy accessories featuring the parameters that equal to 60 and 130 cm respectively. There are also universal accessories made to fit most of the passenger cars. The height of the former ranges from 70 to 80 cm, while the approximate length is 150 cm. For large vehicles like minivans, you can order accessories online that come in larger sizes. As a rule, their height exceeds 100 cm and length reaches 165 cm.

Durable water-repellent materials, resistant to temperature variations, are used in production of windscreen covers. Usually these materials are:

  • polypropylene,
  • dacron;
  • terylene;
  • cotton combined with aluminium foil.

For a proper fixation on your car’s windscreen, accessories can be equipped with the the following fastenings:

  • magnets;
  • elastic tapes that are mounted on side mirrors;
  • stripes with fastenings that are attached to wheel rims;
  • velcro closures;
  • suction cups;
  • extended fabric edges that are fixed with doors, etc.

Some accessories come with extra fastenings. For instance, long fabric edges have laces, with which they can be tied inside of the car. Consequently, it will help to keep the cover in place even through the strongest winds.

Catalogues feature products that can also protect front side windows. Such models can be equipped with special pockets for rear view mirrors.

How to use windscreen covers

  1. The cover should be mounted under the windscreen wiper arms and fixed with standard fasteners, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. How you will take care of the accessories depends on their production material. Some accessories you can simply wipe using a wet sponge and a detergent. Many accessories can be machine-washed at low temperature: for instance, the terylene ones – at +30 °C.
  3. The accessory should be stored in a dry clean place. If the case comes as part of a set – always use it. Thus you will not only extend the product lifespan, but also save more space.

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