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Car air conditioner sealants serve for removing small leaks in the air-conditioning system. They are efficient for damages of no more than 0.5 mm in size. These sealants can be used for leak prevention.

What are the types of car air conditioner sealants

  • With polymers. They are suitable both for metallic and rubber elements of the air-conditioning system. They contain components, which form a thin film in the damaged area
  • Without polymers. They not only remove the refrigerant leakage but also protect car A/C components from wear and restore the elasticity of seals. They can be used as a preventive measure

Usage peculiarities of car air-conditioner sealants

  1. It is recommended to perform all kinds of work related to restoring air-conditioning system tightness at a service station as toxic compounds are included in the refrigerant (working fluid for the air-conditioner).
  2. Before applying the sealant, it is advisable to inspect the system for leaks using a vacuum equipment. The UV-lamp can be used for the same purpose but it is efficient only in case the refrigerant has a special dye in its composition. The inspection will help to assess the damage level and reasonability of using the compound.
  3. Observe the product dosage strictly. It depends not only on car chemical type, but on damage severity as well. For instance, for removing a leak you will need a lot more product, than for its prevention

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