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Universal glue is used for bonding elements of various materials: plastic, metal, rubber, leather, wood and others. It is suitable for fastening interior elements, including sound insulation. Make seams airtight.

What are the types of universal glue

  • Instant. It is notable for high speed of polymerization – only a few seconds are necessary for hardening. It doesn’t spread when applied onto a vertical surface. When applying glue, make sure to do it quickly and accurately. There won’t be no chance to align the parts correctly in case of a mistake during a glue-up.
  • Slow-cure. On the average, it takes 24 hours to harden. It is notable for use simplicity. This glue allows to bond parts without haste

Features of universal glue use

  1. Follow the fire safety tips, as composition of the products includes flammable components.
  2. Take care that the room, in which the works are performed, is well-ventilated.
  3. Be very cautious when using glueing compounds: chemical substances in them are dangerous for eyes, skin and respiratory passages.
  4. Before compound application, remove dirt and oil from the surfaces which are to be glued. Adhesion will be better.
  5. During mounting, follow the temperature range, recommended by the manufacturer of the car chemical product. For some types of products, it can be 10‒30 °С.
  6. Study the instruction located on the pack. Some products require instant bonding of the parts after application of the glueing composition. In case of other ones, it is recommended to wait for some time, and attach the glued surfaces to each other only after that

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