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Universal cleaners remove different kinds of contaminants effectively, therefore, they are widely used. They are often used to clean exterior and interior elements. You use such products to treat plastic and chrome surfaces, parts made from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, textiles, vinyl, rubber and leather.

What are the types of universal cleaners

These products differ in the ingredients and intended purpose. There are cleaners for:

  • Metal surfaces. They help to remove contaminants from the body, suspension parts, chains, bearings, braking system components. They are effective against stubborn stains. Can contain rust inhibitors.
  • For textiles, leather, plastic, wood and metal. Have a mild effect on the treated surfaces. Mainly used for the interior.

This kind of automotive chemicals is available in different packages: in canisters, sprays, aerosol bottles. Can be supplied as concentrates and ready-to-use products.

Features of using universal cleaners

  1. Before you start performing the works, you should study the manufacturer’s recommendations carefully which are listed on the product package. Make sure that this type of automotive chemicals is compatible with the surface you’re going to clean. For example, some products can’t be applied on the paintwork, others are not suitable for acrylic or glass. A number of products have to be washed with water after the application, others just need to be wiped off with a clean cloth.
  2. After the cleaner has been applied, it is recommended to wait for some time before removing the contaminants. On the other hand, you should not let the agent dry.
  3. Before using them, concentrated liquids need diluting with water in a certain proportion. The ratio of the ingredients is defined by the manufacturer and depends on the type of the surface to be cleaned.
  4. Keep the treated part away from direct sunlight while performing the works.
  5. It is better to wear rubber gloves to protect your hand skin. It is also important to prevent the chemicals from getting into the eyes and mucous membrane.

AUTODOC: convenient online shopping

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