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Auto glass & windshield adhesive should have resistance to the effects of moisture, direct sun rays and temperature variations. It is used for eliminating insignificant damages (shears and cracks) on the material surface. It also serves for securing the glass in window apertures; and optic elements – in the side mirrors housings. It can be used during the works, related to restoration of lighting units.

Types of auto glass & windshield adhesives

  • For mounting works. They serve for fixation of windows in apertures. They are notable for elasticity, provide totally reliable adhesion, withstand vibrational loads. As a rule, they are made on the polyurethane basis. They are polymerized at contact with environmental moisture, or under the influence of an activator after 2-6 hours after application
  • For repair works. They are made for restoring smoothness and evenness of the glass surface and become transparent after curing. They preserve operational characteristics at continuous contact with moisture or direct sun rays. Usually, they are made on the basis of acrylic components. They harden at evaporation of the solvent or under the influence of the UV lamp. Their polymerization takes much time, sometimes up to 72 hours. This type of automotive chemicals are able to eliminate small cracks of up to 100 mm length. The component needs to be replaced in case of more serious damages

Tips on auto glass & windshield adhesives use

  1. It is recommended to entrust installation of glass elements to professionals: the work is complicated and laborious, it also requires use of special equipment and presence of certain skills
  2. Before gluing in you need to clean the glass element edge and edge of door or window aperture.
  3. The compound application and mounting should be performed quickly, so that polymerization doesn’t start
  4. Restoration works, related to cracks elimination, should be entrusted to professionals. These works require certain skills, use of special equipment and are not always possible

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