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Tar removers are used to clean stubborn resin stains from the car body, bumper, windows, lights, wheels and other parts. Compatible with most metals and plastics. Do not affect the paintwork.

What are the types of tar removers

By operating principle:

  • Chemical. They are supplied as liquids. Contain components that dissolve resin stains. They are available in different packages: aerosols, sprays or canisters. Among them, there are:
    • Products for specific purposes. They are intended for removing asphalt, soot and other stubborn stains.
    • Multi-purpose products. Have a wide sphere of application. For example, if concentrated, they can be used for removing resin stains and if diluted, they can be used as car wax.
  • Mechanical. They have a mild abrasive effect on the treated surface. Good at removing asphalt, brake dust, soot. Do not cause stains appearing on the paintwork. Mechanical cleaners include:
    • Blue clay. Supplied in the form of bars which need kneading before using them. You should be very careful while applying it: if it falls on the floor, the bar is likely to be thrown away as the dirt stuck to it can scratch the part.
    • Nanoclay sponges, gloves and towels. They do not require any preparations and are characterised by durability. Such removers can be used in a wide temperature range. They become clean when soaked.

Features of using tar removers

  1. Study the instruction. Make sure it is safe to use the product to treat the certain surface. For example, automotive chemicals designed to clean painted and chromed coatings and parts made from metal can be destructive for components made from plexiglass.
  2. You should test the tar remover before using it, especially, if you’re going to clean a plastic part.
  3. Check the holding time for each compound. Some tar removers clean tar stains immediately, others need more than 10 minutes for the best results.
  4. When using mechanical cleaners, you should primarily wash the part and pour some water or soap solution on it. It is recommended to perform works indoors in a dry room in order to prevent sand, dirt and other abrasive particles from getting on the treated surface.
  5. Removers mustn’t be sprayed on hot parts. Chemical compounds usually contain flammable components. Clay and nanoclay can melt and remain on a hot surface.

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