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Car air conditioner cleaners remove dirt from air pipes and evaporator providing a fresh air intake to the passenger compartment. They also disinfect the treated parts killing germs and eliminating bad odours.

Types of car air conditioner cleaners

  • Aerosols. They are sprayed into the drain pipe, deflector or right onto the evaporator. Aerosols feature excellent disinfecting properties. When dry, they form an antibacterial film on the treated surface, which prevents microorganisms from reproduction.
  • Foam-forming. Such products get deep inside air pipes and remove impurities more effectively than sprays. They are characterised by fast action.
  • Smoke bombs. They are less common as they’ve entered the market recently. Smoke bombs provide a disinfecting effect.

These products are sold both separately and in sets. The latter usually contain an extension hose and special nozzles for spraying.

Tips on using car air conditioner cleaners

  1. Before you start cleaning, read carefully the instruction and check the step order. Some products have to be sprayed with engine running, others when it is switched off.
  2. The bottle should be shaken well before the product is sprayed. It is not allowed to stay inside the car while using smoke bombs.
  3. When the product is applied, you should switch off the engine if it was working and let the agent soak in.
  4. When the work is done, you need to start the engine and let it work for 10 minutes at idle. The air conditioner has to be working in recirculation mode at highest output.
  5. When the product is being applied, doors and windows of the car have to be closed. When the work is done, they should be opened. This will make the process of interior drying go faster and eliminate the risks of getting poisoned with toxins.

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