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Car paint primers are applied to exterior parts before painting. They improve the adhesion between the treated surface and paint or filler.

What are the types of car paint primers

Depending on the intended purpose:

  • For metal. Used, for example, for body panels, boot lids and bonnet lids. Can be applied after using rust converters. Protect the elements from the impact of moisture. As a rule, prior to painting, it is necessary to apply fillers.
  • For plastic. Their task is to smooth the surface by filling small cracks and dents. Such products are usually based on acrylic. They are characterised by elasticity, therefore, are perfect for flexible plastic parts.

By the operating principle and ingredients, car paint primers for metal are divided into:

  • Phosphating. In contact with the part, they form hardly soluble phosphates to protect it from moisture. Characterised by an excellent penetrating power. Especially effective when applied on galvanized spare parts.
  • Passivating. Are based on metal phosphates and chromates that on contact with water, dissolve and form a film which slows down the corrosion. Intended mostly for ferrous metals.
  • Sealing. These include epoxy and alkyd compounds that contain red ochre and zinc oxide. After drying, they serve as a barrier that prevents water from contacting any metal. They are not as effective as phosphating and passivating primers.
  • Protecting. Zinc powder contained in them that forms a coating which oxidizes when part gets wet. At the same time, the surface of the part remains undamaged unless the whole zinc layer is destroyed. These products are the most effective ones.
  • Inhibiting. Contain substances that convert the products of corrosion into a sustainable film. They are recommended to be used on oxidized areas.

Tips on use of car paint primers

  1. Check the manufacturer's instructions for the sequence of actions when using a specific type of autochemistry, since the cure time for layers and the methods of their application may differ depending on the composition.
  1. Check if the product is compatible with the material to be worked with.
  2. Double-component compounds should be mixed in the proportion recommended by the manufacturer. Pay attention to the fact that the method of application also affects the percentage of the ingredients.
  3. The areas that are not to be treated such as windows and mouldings should be covered with masking tape.
  4. Before placing the car paint primer in the spray gun, pass the agent through a special funnel with a mesh filter.
  5. Clean, degrease and dry the surface before using the product.
  6. Apply the material in a semi-transparent layer, as thin as possible. This has a positive effect on adhesion.
  7. Do not use compounds with different ingredients at the same time. It is forbidden to apply epoxy products over acid-based ones.

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