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Engine and gasket sealants remove leaks of working fluids from the power unit in the area of connections with the valve cover, oil pan, pipes and other elements. The distinctive feature of these compounds is a high resistance to extreme temperatures and exposure to aggressive components of antifreeze, motor oil and fuel.

What are the types of heat-resistant engine and gasket sealants

By consistency:

  • Liquid. They are added directly into the motor oil or antifreeze. They help to restore tightness of joints and parts inside of the engine or cooling system.
  • Paste-like. They are applied directly onto the connecting joints or part surfaces. They are often used to hold gaskets in place, or instead of them.

By composition:

  • Silicone. They cure under contact with air humidity. They are suitable for units exposed to high pressure.
  • Anaerobic. They become polymerized in the absence of oxygen. These sealants are used to connect metallic components

Features of usage and selecting the best high-temperature sealants for engine and gaskets

  1. Study the recommendations of the sealant manufacturer carefully. The usage procedure is different for products of different brands.
  2. The work should be performed when the engine is cold, so as to avoid thermal injuries.
  3. It is necessary to start the engine after liquid agents have been added into the lubrication or cooling system, and leave it idling for some time.
  4. For better adhesion, the paste-like automotive chemicals should be applied on a clean and degreased surface.
  5. Before using the compound be sure to remove the remains of old seals.
  6. It is not recommended to use abrasive substances for surface cleaning, in order to avoid scratching

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