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Regular cleaning of engine and fuel system is an important condition for their flawless operation. Impurity which covers the surface of the unit can lead to corrosion of its parts. The accumulated abrasives are more likely to get inside the compartments with technical fluids during maintenance works. Oil drips can sometimes lead to fire outbreaks. For the space under bonnet we recommend using special products presented in our catalogue.

Types of fuel system cleaners

By intended purpose:

  • For engine surface. They are applied using a sprayer or high-pressure equipment.
  • For internal parts. They remove carbon deposits and protect engine inside components from destruction. Such cleaners should be added to the lubrication or fuel systems.

By operating principle:

  • Cleaning. They clean the engine surface from burnt technical fluids, dust, road dirt and remove carbon and other deposits from its internal parts. Some products do not only remove impurities but also provide current isolation for surfaces reducing the risk of fire.
  • Preserving. They create a thin film on the treated part and protect metal from corrosion. These products improve the flexibility of wire insulation, which positively affects the equipment under bonnet.

By form:

  • Ready-to-use. Such cleaners are presented by sprays of different volume.
  • Requiring dilution. They are supplied in fuel cans and applied by sprayer.

By ingredients:

  • Acid-based. They are not suitable for aluminium surfaces and can have destructive effect on rubber and plastic parts. Such products need thorough washing and subsequent neutralization by alkali.
  • Solvent-based. They are often used as ingredients of engine cleaning sprays. Products of this type are also suitable to clean injectors. They are flammables.
  • Alkali-based. They are the most widely spread and suitable for most metals and polymers.

Tips on using engine and fuel system cleaners

  1. Shut down the engine. It should not be cleaned while it’s running
  2. Read the product instructions carefully and follow its recommendations. Some products are applied only on cold engine while others on heated.
  3. Do not leave engine cleaner for longer than recommended by the manufacturer in order not to damage the target surface. Dilute concentrated chemicals in the proportion specified in instructions.
  4. Wear protective gloves while cleaning: substances contained in agents are very toxic.
  5. Try to remove residues of the cleaner from the car paintwork as quickly as possible. It is convenient to use a damp cloth for that purpose.
  6. Seal hermetically the battery and electronic equipment to prevent them from getting wet while cleaning.
  7. When the work is over, start the engine and leave it running for about 15 minutes or dry the space under the bonnet with compressed air.

AUTODOC: convenient online shopping

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