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Engine and exhaust paints are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and are characterised by the resistance to the impact of aggressive chemicals. Used to protect the engine and exhaust system components from corrosion and other destructive factors.

What are the types of high temperature paints

These products differ in the temperature range within which they can be used. There are products intended for being used at the temperature of up to 500, 600 or 900 °C.

By form of production:

  • Aerosols. They are easy to use. These packages do not usually contain much paint. Therefore, they are recommended for treating small areas.
  • Cans. The paint is applied with a brush, paint roller or sprayer. Packages differ in volume. It is cost-efficient to buy big cans if there is a necessity to treat a large area, for example, to paint an engine, oil pan or exhaust pipe.

Features of using engine and exhaust paints

  1. You must study the product instruction and strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. The sequence of actions during paint application, the time and temperature of compound hardening can differ.
  2. You should apply to specialists to paint an engine. The works are usually performed on a dismantled and disassembled unit. Painting exhaust system components on your own is usually simple.
  3. Prepare the surface. You should remove dirt, oily deposits and signs of corrosion from it, degrease it. Use a metal brush and special chemicals for cleaning. Treat corroded areas with rust converter. As a rule, it isn’t necessary to prime the surface when using contemporary products.
  4. Apply masking tape to the parts which aren’t supposed to be painted to protect them from contamination.
  5. Apply several layers of paint drying each of them.
  6. Perform the works in a well-ventilated room. Use personal protective equipment. These products contain toxic ingredients.
  7. Check the instructions for the temperature at which the coating must dry. Some products dry at 200 °C. In such cases, a heat gun is used. It is recommended to prevent plastic parts from being exposed to hot air.

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