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Motor oil additives allow to correct and improve the working properties of lubricants. They are added right into the engine lubrication system. They reduce oil consumption, ensure quiet operation of the power unit, prevent its premature wear, help to reduce its smokiness and maintain the compression in the cylinders.

What are the types of motor oil additives

Depending on the main function:

  • Detergents remove the soot effectively and prevent the deposition of carbon, oxidized mixtures, resinous substances on metal parts of the engine.
  • Dispersants. They keep solid particles suspended. Prevent their deposition on unheated parts of the power unit.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors create a protective film on the surface of parts and slow down the corrosion.
  • Depressants. They prevent the formation of paraffin and ensure that the lubricant remains fluid even at low temperatures.
  • Antiwear additives reduce the friction between the contacting parts of the engine and protect them from wear and tear.
  • Stop Smoke additives suit vehicles with many kilometres covered. They increase viscosity of the lubricant, improve compression. Some agents lead to swelling of the seals, preventing leaks.
  • Antioxidant additives prevent oil from oxidizing at high temperatures.
  • Antifoam agents protect parts from oil starvation, improve the circulation of working fluids in the lubrication system.

Features of using motor oil additives.

  1. Some agents can be mixed with new oil only, others need to be added to the system after 2000 km before the routine replacement of the lubricant.
  2. Additives must be added in the amount stated by the manufacturer in the product instruction. Otherwise, the results of using these agents can be opposite.
  3. Before you use the product, make sure it is compatible with the type of the lubricant used in your car.
  4. Some agents should be preheated up to the temperature of 25–30 °С.
  5. Additives are usually poured through the oil filler cap having heated the power unit up to the operating temperature. You should be careful not to burn yourself.
  6. After that, you should start the engine and let it run for some time at idle. Some manufacturers recommend driving the car for half an hour in regular operation mode.

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