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Flange sealants are intended for use in gearboxes, engines, timing mechanisms, centre differentials and other automotive assemblies. Application of these products helps to reduce relative motion of the flanges to minimum, prevents leaks of working fluids, protects metal parts from corrosion.

What are the types of flange sealants

According to composition of the base

  • Silicone. They are made on the basis of organosilicon compounds. They are polymerized when exposed to moisture in the air. They are used for removing large gaps. These sealants are more suitable for demountable flange joints, and for using under high temperatures.
  • Anaerobic. They are made on the basis of dimethacrylate ethers. Their curing occurs under contact with metal in the absence of oxygen. These products are recommended for usage in non-dismountable units

Features of usage of flange sealants

  1. Using this type of car chemicals strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The procedure can vary according to product composition and location of the assembly itself.
  2. Before starting the work, prepare the surface for treating: clean, degrease and dry it. Remove the old sealant remains if necessary.
  3. Apply an even layer of the product passing around and encircling all mounting holes.
  4. Always remove excesses of the product with a putty-knife, as the sealant will cure poorly due to excessive amount.
  5. If you are working at the temperature below +5 °C, for instance, in an unheated room, it is recommended to preliminarily treat the flanges with a special compound.
  6. Use manual or pneumatic sealant gun for easier and more even application of the product

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