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Fuel additives are special products made for increasing lifetime of the power unit and providing its faultless operation. They help to prevent engine damage, caused by use of poor-quality fuel, promote lowering of harmful substances concentration in composition of exhaust gases.

What are the types of fuel additives

According to an action principle and performed functions there are the following types of products:

  • For cleaning engine components and fuel system. They include:
    • additives which remove carbon from surfaces of pistons, injectors and valves;
    • products removing formations in the fuel supply system.
  • For protection and preventive measures. This category includes:
    • anti-corrosion compounds;
    • products preventing icing.
  • For removing malfunctions and adjustment of engine operation. They include such products as:
    • additives improving combustibility of the fuel-and-air mixture;
    • products promoting breaking-in of engine elements after repair;
    • combustion modifiers, which reduce toxicity of exhaust gases;
    • products increasing engine power.
  • For fuel octane rating increasing. They include antiknocking agents

By an engine type:

  • For petrol engines.
  • For diesel engines

By a functioning method:

  • concentrated;
  • soft cleaning;
  • direct action

As a rule, one product performs a few functions at the same time.

Features of use and selecting the best fuel additives

  1. When selecting the product always read the instruction and learn its contents. The components, such as manganese, acetone, ferrocene, alcohol and other dangerous compounds included in some products, can cause damage to the motor.
  2. Give preference to products of leading manufacturers and make purchases in proven shops only. Use of poor-quality additives can cause expensive repair of the power unit and parts replacement.
  3. Use only those products, which comply with requirements, noted by the vehicle manufacturer in the technical documentation.
  4. Calculating dosage, strictly follow the instructions from the fuel additive package

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