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Window and glass cleaners allow cleaning road dust, oily and nicotine deposits, insects and other organic deposits from the surface of car windows. They also prevent their further contamination.

What are the types of window and glass cleaners

Depending on the functions they perform, these products can be divided into:

  • Agents without any additional function. They ensure easy elimination of even the most stubborn stains. Do not leave any stain marks on treated surfaces and feature antistatic properties.
  • Agents with additional functions. Apart from cleaning, these products can mask small scratches, create a water-repellent film, prevent them from fogging and freezing.

By form of production:

  • Ready-to-use products. As a rule, they are supplied as aerosols and sprays.
  • Concentrates. Need diluting before use. Available in plastic containers and bags.
  • Wet wipes. Allow removing small contaminants quickly.

Features of using window and glass cleaners

  1. Before using concentrates, find out in what proportions they have to be diluted. The ratio of ingredients can depend on the degree of contamination.
  2. Make sure it is safe to use the window and glass cleaner, which you’ve chosen, inside the car. Some agents can release toxic substances as they evaporate.
  3. If a cleaner contains ammonia, prevent it from getting on paint or lacquer, plastic and rubber elements to avoid their destruction.
  4. Use soft lint-free cloth or silicone squeegee to remove dirt from windows. It is convenient to wipe the windscreen from the inside with a special mop with an extendable handle.
  5. When you finish cleaning, wipe windows with a dry cloth. This will make them shiny.
  6. Do not inhale the chemical, prevent it from getting into your eyes.

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