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Hand cleaners are used to clean soot, oil, paint, sealant, adhesives and other impurities from hands. They get onto the skin during repair, when, for example, it is not comfortable to use gloves.

Types of hand cleaners

By characteristics:

  • With abrasive additives. They ensure the most effective cleaning and cope even with stubborn dirt including sealant residues.
  • Without abrasive additives. Such cleaners produce mild effect on the skin and do not clog the dispensers.

By the way of application:

  • Products that need to be washed. They should be washed with water after the application.
  • Products that don’t need to be washed. Wait till they are dry and then remove them with a dry cloth or paper tissue.
  • Universal. They can be either washed or cleaned.

By operating principle:

  • Preventive. They should be rubbed into hands before commencing work. When dry, they form a protective polymer film which should be removed when the work is over.
  • Cleaning. Such products are used to clean impurities that already exist.

These products are produced in the form of paste, cream, gel, soap, wet wipes.

Tips on using hand cleaners

  1. Read the instructions. Make sure the product can be used against impurities you’re planning to remove
  2. Follow the steps recommended by the manufacturer for efficient and safe usage of these automotive chemicals.
  3. Prevent the product from getting on the paintwork. The solvents contained in the cleaner lead to defects on painted surfaces.
  4. Don’t use the compounds too often to avoid damaging your skin. After the application use softening and moisturising cream.

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