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Degreasers are used to prepare the surface of the treated part to be painted, primed, glued or sealed. Help to remove oil and asphalt stains without any difficulties. Help to make the adhesion better and to spread the coating more evenly.

What are the types of degreasers

  • Based on organic solvents. They are cheap, suitable for removing asphalt stains, machine oil, mastic and natural rubber, silicone as well as other contaminants of organic origin. Evaporate quickly. Toxic and flammable.
  • Based on water. They have antistatic properties, remove even the most stubborn stains including oxides from metal surfaces. Totally harmless and safe. Can be used for treating plastic surfaces, clean contaminants from non-ferrous and ferrous metals effectively.
  • Based on emulsions of organic solvents. Characterised by excellent penetrating power, prevent oil particles from covering the surface again. Less flammable than organic ones. Remove soot and oxide films well. They are characterised by a high price.

Features of using degreasers

  1. You must study the product instruction attentively and follow the recommendations stated in it. Make sure that the product is compatible with the material you’re going to treat. For example, degreasers based on trichlorofluoromethane became explosive on contact with aluminium and on contact with water it turns into a sticky mass which is hard to remove
  2. When using agents based on solvents, perform all the works in a well-ventilated room wearing protective clothes, goggles and a respirator. It’s not allowed to spray such products near an open fire.
  3. In order to spread degreaser evenly, use a sprayer or a special lint-free wipe.
  4. Do not let the chemical dry completely. Remove its residues after spraying with a clean lint-free cloth.
  5. After the part has been treated, try not to touch it with your hands.
  6. In order to check the quality of cleaning, apply a clean sheet of paper to the treated surface. If there are any oil stains, they will leave marks on the paper.

AUTODOC: convenient online shopping

High-quality degreasing is one of the essential stages of car maintenance which requires adhesion of parts, painting them or sealing. You can always buy degreasers for metal and plastic parts in the online shop AUTODOC. There is a huge selection of automotive chemicals presented in our catalogue: from cheap agents to the products of premium brands. Despite the difference in prices, the prominent feature of all products is their impeccable quality. Make sure of it yourselves becoming our customer.

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