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Liquid electrical tape sprays are needed for the protection of different equipment: terminals, adaptors, distributors, ignition coils and alternators from negative environmental impacts. They prevent current leakage and insulation breakdown. They are perfect for working in hard-to-reach places.

What are the types of liquid electrical tape sprays

Liquid electrical tape sprays differ in ingredients. They can be based on:

  • Mineral oils. Such products are characterised by an affordable price. Feature high resistance.
  • Synthetic substances. Main advantages of the products from this category are resistance to vibrations, temperature changes, heavy loads and as a result, the durability of the coating.
  • Vegetable oils. These products feature excellent adhesion.

By operating principle, there are the following kinds of sprays:

  • Protective. They create a durable coating on the surface of contacts. Used as an alternative to electrical tape and heat-shrink tubes.
  • Water-displacing. They help to restore the equipment, damaged by moisture without disassembling it. Ensure complete moisture displacement. Improve electrical conductivity. Clean oxides from contacts. Like protective ones, these sprays form a durable coating on the treated surface. They ensure reliable insulation within a year at least.

Features of using liquid electrical tape sprays

  1. Before you start working with the contacts, you have to cut off the power supply. Observe the safety regulations when working with electrical appliances.
  2. Shake the spray bottle well to mix its contents thoroughly. As a rule, it is necessary to use liquid electrical tape sprays from the distance of 10–15 cm.
  3. Check the instruction for the number layers to be applied to get the best results. You have to wait for some time, about 10–20 minutes between the application of the layers. The total drying time is stated by the manufacturing plant and can vary from several minutes to a few hours.
  4. When the liquid electrical tape is completely dry, check the integrity of the electrical circuit using a multimeter.

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