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Metal bonding adhesive is used more often as the alternative to traditional welding. It is simple in use and allows to bond metal with other material types. The product does not affect operational characteristics and durability of treated components, providing their reliable connection.

What are the types of metal bonding adhesives

In glueing compounds the following substances can be used as the basis:

  • Cyanoacrylate. Products based on them are characterized by high speed of polymerization. They cure under contact with moisture, which is in the air. They are suitable for bonding small elements made of various composition materials
  • Acryl. Such mixtures are efficient for bonding metal parts with plastic or rubber ones. As a rule, they harden under the influence of a special activator. The products, which polymerize under UV lights are rarer. They are usually used for bonding metal and glass surfaces
  • Epoxy resins. Products of this type are notable by excellent adhesion. They are used for bonding metal components and alloys. The are not suitable for units which undergo strong vibration
  • Dimethacrylate ethers. They harden at contact with metal surfaces at absence of oxygen. They are suitable for small gaps, for instance, threaded joints

Features of metal bonding adhesives use

  1. Always check compatibility of the product with materials, for glueing of which you are planning to use it. Such information should be specified on the product pack
  2. Prepare the surface for treating: remove soiling, oil, and then, dry it thoroughly
  3. Follow the recommendations of manufacturer of this car chemicals type. Some products are supplied ready-to-use. Others need to be mixed before use. Sometimes, the activator, which comes in a set with the active substance, is preliminarily applied on the treated surface

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