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Paint hardeners are used for interior upholstery, repairs of car body and maintenance of some car assemblies. They are added to paints, lacquers, adhesives, fillers, sealants and other products. Ensure their hardening and increase the speed of their polymerization.

What are the types of paint hardeners

Depending on the intended purpose, there are products for:

  • Double-component compounds. Must be added: without them, hardening won’t start.
  • Single-component products. Are added if necessary. They speed up the polymerization, for example, if works are performed in a cool room.

By the drying time, products for double-component compounds are divided into:

  • Fast drying. Used at the temperature below +20 °C. Suitable for removing small damaged areas very quickly.
  • Slow drying. Drying for a relatively long time. Recommended for using at the temperature of +25 °C and higher.
  • Standard. They are the most widely spread, suitable for performing works at +20–25 °C.

By the temperature required for polymerization, the following products are distinguished:

  • Cold cure. Harden at room temperature. Do not require any special equipment.
  • Hot cure. Their polymerization is only possible at +50-200 °C. Therefore, you’re going to need a heat gun or any other equipment.

Tips on use paint hardeners

  1. Before you start, check the instruction for the sequence of mixing the compounds: some products have to be added right into the container with the active agent, others need to be applied at the treated surface first.
  2. Mixing the components, observe the proportions recommended by the manufacturer. An excessive amount of the product leads to worse adhesion of the material and its colour change, insufficient amount impedes the curing process.
  3. Consider the working conditions. For example, using fast-drying products when it’s hot can result in defects appearing on the surface of the parts.
  4. Store ingredients of double-component products separately in sealed containers. When mixed they can be used only within several hours.

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