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Pump sprayers serve for cleaning bodywork parts and wheel rims in case of their insignificant fouling. They are used for applying car care products and special compounds when doing maintenance and repair works.

What are the types of pump sprayers

Their tanks can have different volume:

  • 1 – 2 L. They are inexpensive. They are characterized by a small weight. They have a side handle and work as a sprayer. Treating small-sized parts is convenient with the help of them.
  • 3 – 20 L. They are equipped with the telescopic pipe. Due to this they are convenient for using when you need to remove dirt from the vehicle roof or from parts located in hard-to-reach places. The handle of these devices is located on the top. While straps or shoulder belt allow to carry the device behind the back. It is convenient, especially considering that the weight of the device with the full tank is rather large. Some devices can spray fluid continuously.
  • 20 L and more. They are designed for treating large area surfaces. They also have a telescopic pipe. Despite large volume and weight, it is convenient to use these devices: their structure includes wheels for comfortable moving. Moreover, there’s no need to keep the reservoir hanging.

Depending on the material of the housing, they can be:

  • Plastic. They are inexpensive, have light weight, but, as a rule, are not compatible with products containing oils.
  • Metal (steel or aluminium). They do not get damaged by products containing petroleum fractions. They are characterized by increased resistance to mechanical impact.

Pump sprayers differ by a working pressure. Usually it depends on the tank volume and can vary within 3 – 6 atmospheres.

Tips on pump sprayers use

  1. Use individual protective equipment: aggressive substances in the composition of some car chemicals are dangerous for eyes, skin and respiratory tract
  2. Read the instruction before starting works to make sure that the product you chose is compatible with the reservoir material.
  3. Don’t forget to wash the device with water or special cleaning agent after car parts treatment is finished. Otherwise the residues of the chemical agents used may clog the nozzles.

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