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Radiator cleaners are used to remove dirt, scale, corrosion products, oil deposits from the engine cooling system. Protect metal parts from destruction, safe for rubber seals. Regular application of the product prevents radiator blockage, ensures the effectiveness of heat transfer and prevents the engine from overheating.

What are the types of radiator cleaners

Depending on the ratio between acid and alkaline (pH), there are:

  • Acid. pH<7. Remove scale, traces of corrosion well.
  • Alkaline. pH>7. Are good for dissolving fats. Cope with organic deposits.
  • Neutral. pH=7. Mainly suitable as preventative measures. Not effective in case of severe contamination.

Features of using radiator cleaners

  1. Study the instruction and follow strictly the recommendations of automotive chemicals manufacturer. Some radiator cleaners have to be added directly to antifreeze, others to distilled water.
  2. Do not mix different products from this category. They can neutralize each other and have no positive effect.
  3. Dilute the product in the proportions stated by the manufacturing plant. The excessive concentration of the fluid has a destructive effect on the treated components.
  4. Discharge the antifreeze only when the engine is completely cool. Otherwise, due to a high temperature and pressure of the working fluid, you can burn yourself.
  5. After using acid or alkali compounds, a special neutraliser has to be used. As a rule, it is supplied together with the product. When using products with the pH of 7, you only need to wash it with distilled water.
  6. Make it a habit to clean the cooling system once in 4 years. This process can be done together with antifreeze replacement.

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