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Rust converters are intended to restore corroded metal surfaces. They are used at the initial stage of repair works.

What are the types of rust converters

By ingredients:

  • Acid-based. They are a mixture of acids and organic solvents. Unsuitable for galvanized surfaces and parts made of non-ferrous metal. They contain aggressive components and are relatively easy to use.
  • Zinc-based. These compounds contain zinc oxide as an active ingredient. They do not only eliminate already existing corrosion spots but also form a protective coating on the treated surface which prevents rust from spreading further.

By operating principle:

  • Modifying. Form a protective coating on the part that is ready to be painted.
  • Converting. Convert active corrosion products into barely soluble salts.
  • Stabilising. Convert unstable corrosion products into stable compounds.
  • Penetrating. Make the corroded area thicker.

Many products combine several mechanisms of action.

Features of using rust converters

  1. Before using the compound you must read the instruction very carefully and make sure it can be used for treating certain material. Some products are intended for ferrous metals, others are suitable for galvanized surfaces and non-ferrous metals.
  2. Some rust converters, acid-based as a rule, need to be rinsed after application as residues of the agents can destroy metal.
  3. This kind of automotive chemicals contains aggressive components. You should avoid them getting on the paintwork. It is also very important to wear personal protective equipment: gloves, goggles, respirator.
  4. Rust converters are applied on the part cleaned from dirt, grease and loose rust. In some cases, the surface has to be wet.
  5. To apply the chemical you can use a brush, paint roller or pump spray bottle. It should be evenly spread in a thin layer. In case of severe damage, it is recommended to repeat the procedure.
  6. The holding time of rust converters is also stated in the instruction. Some products are active within 10–15 minutes. Others take 24 hours for the reaction to finish.
  7. Converted products should be removed with a wire brush. The surface has to be washed and dried with a cloth.
  8. The works must be carried out in a well-ventilated room at the temperature above +5 ℃.
  9. The rest of the product must be stored in a sealed package, away from direct sunlight and heaters.

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