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Corrosion and rust inhibitor is a special chemical agent made for protection of hard-to-reach metal elements of the car body from oxidation. The compound has great penetration capability that is why it gets even into minor chips and cracks pushing moisture out of them.

What are the types of corrosion and rust inhibitor

Depending on the base type:

  • Oil-based. When using them you should treat elements at least once a year. These agents do not dry after applying and that is why they can fill cracks when the latter appear.
  • Wax-based. Hardening, they create the protective wax coat. They require renewal approximately once every three years.

Depending on the operating principle, there are:

  • Rust converters. They are used as anti-corrosion treatment of cars with high mileage. They neutralize oxidation products by chemically reacting with them.
  • Rust inhibitors. They isolate the metal surface from being exposed to external factors. They contain inhibitors that slow down the oxidation process.

Tips on corrosion and rust inhibitor use

  1. Spraying method is the most suitable for treating hard-to-reach places. So, if you bought the agent in the canister or can but not in the spray can, you should use a sprayer gun.
  2. Special heads and extension pieces are used for more convenience when working with hidden cavities.
  3. It is recommended to apply the product on a properly prepared surface. It should be cleaned, with removing any corrosion stains, and de-oiled.
  4. The places which are not to be treated should be covered with a painter’s tape in order to avoid their soiling. Brake discs and pads should be covered with the polyethylene film: in case of getting onto their surface, the anticorrosive agents can affect the braking performance.
  5. Applying of the agent should be performed at environmental temperature not lower than +5 °С, it is desirable to be +20–25 °С. You will find precise data in the instruction for corrosion and rust inhibitor
  6. Works should be performed in the open air or in a well-ventilated room away from fire sources because most anti-corrosion compounds contain toxic and highly inflammable components. Also you should use protective equipment for eyes, skin, respiratory organs.

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