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Sealant nozzles are often used during repair works for precise, efficient and careful applying of sealants and adhesive compounds. They allow to control amount of the squeezed out product and thickness of the applied layer in accordance with requirements.

What are the types of sealant nozzles

Components are made of plastic, silicone and metal. They differ by size, tip shape, method of attachment to the cartridge or gun. Also they can have holes of different configurations, for example:

  • Round. Often such nozzles are supplied in a kit with sealing compounds. They allow to obtain a seam in the shape of a bead of various thickness.
  • Rectangular. With the help of them the material can be applied with a flat, wide, or, often, ribbed layer.
  • Rectangular with the W-shaped limiter. Due to a special shape of the nozzle edge, its tip acts as a prop and a guide at the same time. It is convenient for applying sealant or glue onto inner welds, and also allows to move the gun precisely along the contour of the treated component.
  • With the semi-round hole and adjustable limiter. They provide uniform applying of the product at the exactly pre-set distance from the edge of the treated element. They allow to control seam thickness as well as the distance to the element edge by cutting.
  • Spray tips. They are used only with certain product types. They require availability of a special gun. They are used for treating the underbody, frame side members, inner parts of wheel arch covers and other elements.

Tips on sealant nozzles use

  1. Before starting applying a product, you should check if the tip is securely attached.
  2. Then you should cut the nozzle edge along the marking that corresponds to the thickness of the seam you are going to obtain.
  3. The tips of round cross-section should be better cut under 45° angle: it will be more convenient to apply the compound and control its amount.
  4. After finishing works you should remove and thoroughly clean the nozzle to prepare it for the further use.

AUTODOC: convenient online purchases

To get the best deal, buy sealant nozzles in a kit. It usually includes tips for making different seams, which is convenient if you have to work with different units. Moreover, you can save money on delivery which can be free if you make an order in our online shop. For selecting the products, contact our specialists: they know all the assortment presented and will help you to quickly select necessary items.

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