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Seam sealants are special agents, designed to prevent ingress of moisture inside of the car. They serve for sealing the connection seams in the luggage compartment, hood or door areas, protect body parts from corrosion.

What are the types of seam sealants

By chemical composition, the products can be divided into:

  • synthetic rubber based;
  • polyurethane;
  • modified silane polymer (MS-polymer)

This type of automotive chemicals can be offered in various packagings, particularly:

  • In cans. We recommend buying such products in case you need to treat a large surface area, for instance, seams in the luggage compartment
  • In cartridges. This volume is sufficient to treat a part of a door or bonnet
  • In squeeze tubes. They are suitable in cases when you need to quickly seal a seam and remove small gaps

Peculiarities of usage and selecting the best automotive seam sealants.

  • When selecting the product, study its contents closely. It should not contain components with destructive effects on the material prepared for treating
  • Before application, do not forget to clean the working surface from soiling and deoil it using a soft cloth and special chemical compounds
  • Make sure that the room, where work is performed, is well-ventilated. Put on a respirator to protect the respiratory passages from harmful evaporations
  • Precisely follow the instruction, printed on the product package
  • Follow recommendations for storage of this type of car chemicals. It is necessary to close the pack with all remains after the work is done
  • Sealants should be stored in a cold place

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