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Brushes, sponges and cloths are convenient and useful accessories for taking care of a car. Together with automotive chemicals, they help to keep the car clean. They are used for spreading cleaning or polishing compounds evenly, help to remove stubborn stains.

What are the types of brushes, sponges and cloths

By their purpose, these products can be divided into several categories. The most popular are products for:

  • Cleaning the interior. Brushes with nylon or rubber bristles help to remove stains, dust and fur from the interior upholstery and those with metal bristles are used for cleaning mats. Soft cloths made of microfiber or natural suede suit for polishing a dashboard and other parts of the interior.
  • Cleaning and polishing the body. Sponges with a polymer coating are used for removing stubborn contaminants. Foam ones are good for washing the body. Faux suede absorbs a huge amount of moisture, therefore, suits for drying surfaces perfectly fine.
  • For washing windows. Special foam products with squeegee and microfiber cloths remove contaminants and do not leave any stains.

By the way of application, there are products for:

  • Wet cleaning. Used for washing the body and windows, for example.
  • Polishing. Intended for the finishing treatment of the paintwork, dashboard, lights and windows.
  • Dry cleaning. Represented by various brushes which are usually used for removing dirt and dust from the upholstery.

Features of using brushes, sponges and cloths

  1. Products made from foam and microfiber used for washing cars should be rinsed as often as possible. Otherwise, accumulated dust, dirt, sand and other abrasive particles can lead to damaging of the target surface.
  2. Melamine sponge will be an advantageous purchase if you need to remove stubborn stains very quickly. It suits perfectly fine for removing stains as it doesn’t require any special cleaning or washing compounds.
  3. It is important to use these products only for the intended purpose. For example, suede items are not suitable for washing a body but ideal for polishing or drying. At the same time, accessories made from microfiber can be used both dry and wet.
  4. The surface of the car after washing needs drying in order to avoid spots and stains.
  5. When the work is done, you should clean dirt from the accessories. Pay your attention to the manufacturer’s special requirements. For example, you should wash products made from natural suede in a mild soap solution, dry far from heaters and direct sunlight and keep in a slightly wet tube.

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