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Spray glue is used for attachment of components made of various materials, with a smooth or uneven surface. Abandoned and uniform application is provided due to presence of the spraying nozzle. Thanks to this, the product is perfect for use in the areas, access to which is limited, as well as for bonding large components.

What are the types of spray adhesives

  • Multi-purpose. They are suitable for application on almost any surfaces: wooden, glass, plastic and others. They are moisture resistant, often are used for bonding car body parts
  • Specialized. They are usually used during repair works in the cabin. Catalogues of manufacturers presents the products, designed for bonding elements made of the exact material, for instance, rubber or vinyl

Tips on spray adhesive use

  1. Before starting repair, it is necessary to thoroughly study the instruction. Each manufacturer has its own recommendations about product using. For instance, some types of sprays should be placed before work in a well-heated room for a few days
  2. Before application of the adhesive compound you need to clean and deoil the surface which is to be treated: the bonding will be more durable
  3. In order to apply the product uniformly, it is recommended to hold its canister at about 20-25 cm from the part during work
  4. The time for adhesive to be left after application and till the full bonding of the surfaces depends on its type and is defined by the car chemicals manufacturer
  5. A room, in which the works are performed, should be ventilated well. Otherwise there is a risk of poisoning due to evaporation of toxic substances
  6. Remaining product should be stored in accordance with the recommendations, specified on the package. For example, the temperature below 5 °C can cause efficiency loss of some products

AUTODOC: convenient online-purchases

Buying a spray adhesive always consider a type of the material, on which you are going to apply it. Operational conditions of the unit to be treated are no less important. All this makes choosing more complicated. In order to make the right purchase, you can apply to our specialists for help. They are well-versed in the assortment and will be able to offer you the most suitable product. Moreover, we often hold promotions and provide possibility of free delivery. It is easy to save money with us.

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