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Fillers are used during works on restoration of the bumper and other car body elements. They help to easily and quickly eliminate small dents, chips and scratches. They are also used as the second priming coat: they are applied above joint filler and are covered with paint.

What are the types of fillers

By a purpose:

  • For repairing damages. Such products fill cracks and scratches. They are applied directly onto the parts.
  • For smoothing the prime coat. They remove pores that remained after filling, and protect coating from aggressive components contained in the paintwork material

Depending on the base component:

  • Polyether. They are characterized by high speed of polymerization: averagely, hardening occurs in 20 minutes after applying. In an hour, the parts can be painted. The products can be stored for a rather long time, are usually of a two-part type and are to be mixed right before use. They are not sufficiently resistant to moistu
  • Fibreglass. They are used for elimination of damages on the fibreglass surfaces. They do not contract when hardening, are notable for high durability, are moisture-proof
  • Metal-containing. They are sold at higher price in comparison with the others, but are characterized by great effectiveness. In most cases they harden less than in half an hour and can easily be polishe

Tips on fillers use

  1. Before starting, check if the product is suitable for applying to the surfaces you are going to work with. For example, metal-containing products should not be used for parts made of fibreglass
  2. Prepare the surface before work. Usually it is necessary to remove remains of old paint and treat the corrosion spots with chemical agents
  3. Apply the product in accordance with the instruction. Some of them can be used only after complete drying of primer; others allow for applying them onto the wet surface. Moreover, some types of fillers can be mixed with paint. It is convenient if paintwork materials of light colours are used for the car body: the restored spots won’t show up
  4. When mixing 2-part fillers, always follow the proportions recommended by the manufacturer. Excessive amount of one of the ingredients is fraught with coat cracking, insufficient - by extended drying time

AUTODOC: convenient online purchases

To buy fillers quickly and inexpensively, contact our specialists. They will help you to select the product which is perfectly suitable for the repair works you are planning. For getting in touch with our support service you can use phone, email or online chat. Also you can study the assortment presented in the catalogue yourself - for example, to compare our prices with average market prices. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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