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Starting fluids are special aerosols based on etheric compounds which are used to start the engine at a very low temperature, sometimes up to −60°С. These products also help to turn on the engine in high humidity conditions or when the battery is low. This agent can be used for transporting a car to a repair shop when spark or glow plugs are faulty or there are malfunctions in the fuel system.

What are the types of starting fluids

These automotive chemicals are supplied in spray cans of different volume. By the intended purpose, there are the following kinds of products:

  • Universal.
  • For carburettors. These are used in cars of previous generations.
  • Those that are not recommended for engines with the Common Rail fuel injection system.
  • Incompatible with both the Common Rail system and unit injectors.
  • Those that can’t be used in diesel engines where glow plugs cannot be disabled.

Besides, these products differ in the lowest temperature they can be used at, for example, −60 °С, −54 °С, −52 °С, −50 °С.

Features of using starting fluids

  1. Before using the product, study the label carefully. Make sure the product is compatible with the engine in your vehicle.
  1. Follow the steps stated by the manufacturer of automotive chemicals. You should also take into account the type of your power unit. If you have a petrol engine, you can spray them into the air filter, carburettor or inlet manifold and start the car at once. With diesel power units, you need to switch off the glow plugs, open completely the throttle by pressing the accelerator pedal, spray the aerosol into the inlet manifold and run the engine.
  2. Do not spray the product for more than 2–3 seconds. Too much chemical can blow up the engine.
  3. If it doesn’t work, repeat once or twice. If the engine still doesn’t start, you’ll have to contact a repair shop.
  4. Do not use starting fluids when the engine is running.
  5. Do not use the product near working appliances and open fire: it contains flammable ingredients.
  6. Do not use starting fluids too often. They produce a destructive effect on the engine: wash away the oil film from engine parts and can cause knocking. Starting fluids are intended only for emergencies.

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