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Stone chip paint serves for protection of doorsills, bumpers, wheel arches and other most vulnerable car body elements from mechanical damages. Due to their location these units are highly exposed to being hit by stones flying out from under the wheels during car driving. Also, the product prevents destruction of metal parts, resulting from contact with moisture. Apart from this, the coating created by the product has damping properties.

What are the types of stone chip paint

According to the purpose there are products for:

  • Car body parts. Such products contain resins and rubber. They make a durable protective layer which neutralizes sounds of stone hits and also has great anti-corrosion properties. They require lacquer finishing or painting.
  • Hidden parts. They contain resins and wax. They retain operating properties both at high and low temperature. They create reliable protection from corrosion but are less resistant to mechanical impact. After being applied they don’t need painting.
  • Underbody. They are produced on the basis of resins, wax, bitumen and rubber. They are characterized by high durability, retain operating properties even at hard frost. They don’t require painting because they lose efficiency when contacting with paint components.

Stone chip paint is supplied in different packages, which determines the method of their use. The following is available for customers:

  • Sprays. They are simple in use, don’t require special skills and tools.
  • Cans. A sprayer is needed for applying products supplied in this pack. Its use ensures easy and quick treating of the parts located in the hard-to-reach places.
  • Bottles. The products contained in them are applied with a brush. It is reasonable to use them for large areas.

Tips on stone chip paint

  1. Apply the product only by the method specified in the instruction. For example, you shouldn’t use spray guns for applying stone chip paint from bottles and vice versa.
  2. Before starting works, clean, dry and de-oil the surface. This will improve adhesion.
  3. Clean off corrosion spots with the help of the metal brush, otherwise the protective layer can be destructed just after its drying.
  4. Protect the parts that are not to be treated, with a painter’s tape.
  5. Note: multi-layer coating provides maximum durability. Optimal quantity of layers is 2 – 3; recommended thickness of every of them is 1 mm. Before applying the next layer, let the previous one dry.
  6. Before using the car, wait for complete drying of the treated spots. It can take up to 24 hours at the temperature of not below +20 °С.
  7. Use personal protection equipment during repair works in order to exclude the possibility of damaging skin, eyes and respiratory tract.

AUTODOC: convenient online purchases

A wide assortment of the products from the world-renowned manufacturers is presented in our catalogue. Due to this you will be able to select and buy stone chip paint and other types of car chemicals for your car. If you don’t know which product to prefer, then contact our specialists. They will tell you about advantages and peculiarities of using of every product. For product ordering it is sufficient to fill the corresponding form and choose the convenient payment method.

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